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Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt Manufacturer & Supplier

Modular Conveyor Belts

The central ground between Belt Conveyor and Chain Conveyors are called Modular Conveyor Belt. The Modular Conveyor Belt comprises of individual Plastic Moduled generally connected together with join rods. This Modular Belt is driven by chain sprockets; the base casing of the conveyor is developed on standard profile bolsters. The Conveyor Systems, generally we called Conveyor Belt, work by utilizing two pulleys that persistently circle over the material that pivots over them. The used belts are supported by a series of rollers along the path. These rollers in the center of the gadget prevent the conveyor from sagging in the middle while it is conveying a load.
A Series Modular Conveyor Belt Manufacturer India
A-Series Modular Conveyor Belt
T 1200 Perforated Modular Conveyor Belt Manufacturer India
T-1200 Perforated Modular Conveyor Belt
Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts at high temperatures :
Generally, people think that plastics are not suitable for high temperatures because they may melt or burn. But there is also a difference between the standard plastic and the normal plastic that we use for our Modular Belts and chains. Moreover, a lot of special materials can withstand higher temperatures, up to even +200C. Polyamide, +ST High Temp Materials, Such belt materials are used in fryers, ovens or microwave lines. It is utilized in food and other industrial processes where many other materials no more work. We use the standard materials for manufacturing Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts.

The Benefits of Our Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts for Conveyor Systems :
We become a leading Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt Manufacturer & Supplier all over India and abroad. Our primary aim or we can count as advantages of Modular Plastic Belts lies in their durability & its hard plastic segments. Plastic’s durability over other belt materials also gives modular plastic belts an edge over several alternatives in terms of load capacity, resistance to wear, and resilience in harsh environments. Such applications where a rigorous standard of cleanliness and sanitization required, like Food Processing Unit, Pharmaceuticals, etc, Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts are more effortlessly cleaned and sanitize than numerous other options and are perfect for diminishing the potential for standing fluid and bacteria retention.

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